Oh ‘Shu’up’ / HIATUS
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Well_Played Daniel. X



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BAND CHALLENGE: [3/10] bands

↳ Bastille

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Dan: A new lead singer is what we need.
Kyle: Take the weight off!
Dan: Exactly, I could just sit around.
Kyle: Fun for you, isn't it?
Dan: Then we can get a new keyboards player, then you could sit around with me. We could just be in the crowd watching!
Kyle: I've never been to a Bastille show!
Dan: Oh, I sort of have, when I go out in the crowd during 'Flaws', I look back...
Kyle: Everytime... Sneaky!
Dan: I know, cuz I'm such a big fan of our music!


Bastille minimalistic

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This looks like a picture that one of their moms took on their first day of middle school.

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@arzE: what’s a grammy 2 an abuela?

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